Celebrating the Women of O.C.

March 8 is International Women’s Day. We don’t usually need an occasion to honor incredible women doing fascinating things in Orange County, but it seems a good time to remind you of the 35 Kickass Women we featured in the September issue. This piece was one of the most inspiring and rewarding we’ve done. Readers thought so, too! Subscribers raved about this group of women from many generations as well as all sorts of backgrounds and areas of expertise.

One of the best things about these women? Every one of them mentioned another woman who served as a collaborator, role model, ally, mentor, or friend to inspire them and advocate for them. As you take time today to reflect on the women you admire, we hope you’ll enjoy checking out just a small sample of the fantastic ladies here in O.C. who keep us motivated and energized all year.

Read our cover story on 35 Kickass Women in O.C.

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