Beachwood BBQ | Ultimate O.C. Beer Guide

Poaching white whales in Seal Beach? It’s not what it sounds like. A “whale” in beer terms is a highly rated and unattainable beer, and Beachwood has a boatload. “Walezbro!” can be heard here as you plunder the likes of Pliny the Younger or Belgium’s beloved Cantillon Zwanze day releases (with a side of bleu cheese grits and Lena’s famous deep-fried pickles. Don’t judge.). Besides what the restaurant serves, it’s how it’s served that separates Beachwood from the competition. Owner Gabe Gordon invented the Flux Capacitor, which enables the team to dial in the carbonation at different temperatures per beer line. Beers such as IPA are served at 38 degrees, whereas big barleywines or barrel-aged stouts are poured at the cellar temperature of 54. Each style arrives in the proper glassware, worthy of an erect pinky, rigidly pointing toward the heavens.

131½ Main St., Seal Beach

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