At Goldsheep, Inspiration for Leggings Comes from Many Sources

Keri Wilson. Photo credit: Priscilla Iezzi


Keri Wilson started Goldsheep in 2014 by hand-sewing leggings in her apartment. The Laguna Beach native’s colorful collection now can be seen on celebrities such as Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo. “These types of things are just an affirmation that I’m on the right path,” Wilson says. “I believe the universe has your back and God is looking after you.”

Why did you start designing leggings?
I was working in New York, and I would see thousands of black leggings walking down the street. I was really obsessed with street art and would take photos of it, and I had the idea that it would be cool if people could express themselves through art and photography (on their leggings). I painted a pair and thought there must be an easier way to produce these. I moved back to Laguna Beach and went to work at a printing company, where I used the machines at night to learn.

What does Goldsheep mean?
It was the name of a hidden blog I had. I always thought differently from my friends growing up. I’d say, “I’m not the black sheep; I’m definitely more sparkly.” You know that you’re doing what you’re supposed to when it’s really easy for you—that’s your Goldsheep. It’s using your God-given gift to give back to others.

How have you given back?
During Hurricane Harvey, I made blue pants with Texas on them, and I took a picture and said, “If you buy this pant, I’m going to give the net proceeds back (to help survivors).” We donated the money from more than 600 orders to the American Red Cross. I realized the power of good I could do from this.

Wilson’s leggings honoring her grandmother. Photo credit: Priscilla Iezzi


Who inspires you?
My grandma was very conservative growing up, but when she got older, she started wearing Gucci tracksuits and giant gold chains. She had such a good design aesthetic, and she helped me with a lot of my stuff. I’d tell her she was the ultimate Goldsheep because she didn’t care about what anyone thought. She helped me see that I could do whatever I want.

You collaborated with Kaley Cuoco! How did that happen?
I gave a pair of leggings to someone who went into CorePower Yoga, and their buyer saw them and called me and said they loved my stuff and (started carrying Goldsheep). Then Kaley Cuoco went into CorePower, and I got an email from her saying that she loved it, too. She asked to meet me, and ever since then, she’s completely had my back and has been a best friend.

Tell us about your summer line.
What I love doing is picking a theme—for summer especially, because it’s super bright and fun. We researched Morocco and made mood boards. I pulled elements like tiles we saw, and then we re-created the design. Also, I always do pop art in my collections. This time, we did camels; people like a black legging with something a little bit funny.

Which pair of leggings has been your favorite?
My No. 1 pair of all time is the one with my grandma’s photo on them, 100 percent.

Photo credit: Priscilla Iezzi


The Find: Goldsheep leggings from the Moroccan-inspired summer collection launching this month, $98 each

Cool Factor: You can order a custom pair of leggings for around $250.

Where: Places such as Ra Yoga, Trim Fitness, E’toile on 17th, and online at

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