Asian Food Guide

Let us take you straight to the good stuff—secret sushi hideouts, Korean barbecue, old-school Viet pho, late-night izakaya snacks, dazzling markets, and bustling bakeries. What more could you want? Chopsticks, perhaps?

Our Asian Food Guide includes 75 restaurant recommendations including Chinese, Filipino, Indonesia, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Malaysia, Thai, and Vietnamese. Here are 3 of our favorite Vietnamese pho places.

Pho 79
One of the area’s oldest noodle shops, the oxtail pho is legendary here, tremendously tender hunks of fatty beef barely clinging to the bone.
9941 Hazard Ave., Garden Grove, 714-531-2490, and inside the Asian Garden Mall, 9200 Bolsa Ave., Westminster, 714-893-1883 

Pho Nguyen Hue
The various bowls of offal pho satisfy the adventurous, but the pho taiis what you want. It may be the county’s best: richly spiced broth full of rare beef and a bounteous plate of herbs to add.
10487 Bolsa Ave., Westminster, 714-839-8916,

Pho Quang Trung
The chicken-based pho ga is one of the most comforting bowls you’ll ever eat. Not into offal? Order it with nothing but juicy white meat.
10072 Westminster Ave., Garden Grove, 714-638-2286; 9211 Bolsa Ave., 714-891-2800,



By Gretchen Kurz & Miles Clements / Photographs by Priscilla Iezzi

This article originally appeared in the September 2012 issue of Orange Coast magazine. 


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