Art Classes at the Muck

Unlock your creativity or hone your skills at Muckenthaler Cultural Center.

Six-Week Courses:

Ceramics Course

Beginners are introduced to the basics of throwing on a potter’s wheel.

Everyday Creative Ceramics

Create your own utilitarian and decorative ceramic pieces for everyday use. Techniques used include hand-building, wheel-throwing, and the Buncheong technique, a special decoration skill with white slip, rooted in Korean traditional pottery.

Freestyle Design

Create a variety of multidisciplinary art projects using watercolor, acrylic painting, color pencil, and ceramics.

Photograph Courtesy of Muckenthaler Cultural Center

Pop-Up Classes:

Boro + Shashiko

Learn basic hand-sewing techniques in the context of this traditional Japanese practice of mending.

Stippling Drawing Techniques

Create a portrait, still life, or abstract drawing using a technique that renders soft gradient textures.

Color Collages

Meld color images together to create a collage.

Introduction to Bookbinding

Learn the four staple structures of the bookbinding world: the pamphlet stitch, two versions of one-sheet wonders, and a concertina. 

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