Any Shipwrecks Off the Orange County Coast?

O.C. Trivia

There are a handful, but the most interesting might be a 150-foot Navy landing craft. Built in New Jersey in 1943, she was unromantically dubbed the LCI(G) 465. With a crew of 70 and armed as a gunboat, the craft earned four battle stars, taking part in the battles of Guam, the Philippines, and Okinawa, and even surviving kamikaze attacks. After the war, she was bought by Ivey Sparks of Huntington Beach, who renamed her the Elsie I (get it?) and used her as a deep-sea sport fishing barge. In 1949, “Shorty” Ingersoll (the ship’s captain) and Herb Berry bought the ship and continued the business. But on April 29, 1951, the Elsie I was anchored a half-mile off Goldenwest Street when a storm capsized her, killing the bargemaster. During a salvage attempt the barge broke in two and sank 3½ miles off Huntington Beach. The good news: The wreck has become an artificial reef, thriving with marine life.

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