Anaheim Nonprofit Tails That Teach Celebrates National Rescue Dog Day on May 20

Tails That Teach founder and Cal State Fullerton alum Lisa Wiehebrink started National Rescue Dog Day to bring awareness to the number of animals in shelters waiting for their forever homes.

In 2012, Wiehebrink and her youngest son were at a park in Yorba Linda when she witnessed another child playing roughly with his dog. After kindly teaching the boy how he was hurting the dog, Wiehebrink was inspired to write a book that would help children learn the importance of caring for animals with compassion.

Tails That Teach is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring young children to be kind to pets and people. Through two books—“Love Me Gently: A Kid’s Guide For Man’s Best Friend” and “Gray Whiskers”—as well as partnerships with elementary schools and animal organizations, Wiehebrink developed a humane education curriculum for children ages 5 through 8. The organization has donated nearly 80,000 copies of the books and has also partnered with literacy programs, including those that incorporate therapy dogs as a way to foster reading skills in elementary school students.

“Looking ahead,” says Wiehebrink, “my hope is to raise enough funds to provide the books to pediatric medical offices, veterinary clinics, youth reading programs, and anywhere that a child will be positively impacted by learning how to treat others with kindness, compassion, and empathy.”

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