3 Best Beer Cocktails | Ultimate O.C. Beer Guide

Hoptails are twists on classics, using the malt, hops, and fruity yeast properties of beer to replace common cocktail mixer or liquor notes


IMG_9972320 Main, The Detroiter
Stone IPA, Cynar, lemon, honey syrup, apple brandy. The hop-forward IPA balances pleasant Bit-O-Honey classic candy notes. A     Jason Schiffer original.



UntitledAnepalco’s Cafe, Joven IPA
Illegal Joven Mezcal, Campari, IPA, Benedictine, and a dash of molé bitters. If you can’t handle the bitterness of a negroni, you can’t handle this rustic, smoky molé bomb.



IMG_9988The Blind Pig, Beer Diablo
Tequila, crème de cassis, ginger, lemon, Czech Pilsner. A devilish Tom Collins-inspired sipper that can spin your head like in “The    Exorcist.”

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