Artist: James Marshall (aka Dalek), Costa Mesa, and Raleigh, N.C.

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Dalek’s work is on view Aug. 5 through Sept. 30 at Hurley’s Space Gallery, 1945 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa, 949-548-9375, hurley.com.

As a young artist in the mid-’90s, he broke through with his Space Monkey character. His work has been influenced by street art, skateboarding, and punk subcultures, plus his time as a studio assistant with Takashi Murakami. His geometric creations have been shown in Los Angeles, London, Paris, and beyond; he’s also a resident artist for Hurley.

For his environmental installations at Hurley, he enters the room with pencils and rulers and starts drawing. Then it’s a group effort using house paint, rollers, and tape to fill in the drawing with the selected palette. “The [team’s] energy forms how the piece looks and feels. The process is mechanical in its structure and organic in its evolution.”

Each installation “is about a moment in time and how a group of people coming together in a space directly affects how the painting and installation unfold. It’s a dialogue that can’t be re-created. That’s the beauty of the experience.”

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This article originally appeared in the August 2011 issue.

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