‘Happy When It Rains’

Andre Woodward

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Woodward’s residency runs weekends through Oct. 28 at the Great Park, at Marine Way and Sand Canyon Avenue, Irvine, 866-829-3829, ocgp.org

As the artist in residence at the Orange County Great Park, Woodward creates sculptures that explore the relationship between nature and manmade environments. He earned his bachelor’s in studio art from UC Irvine, and a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture from Cal State Long Beach. 

About 80 percent of his sculptures include audio elements and greenery, and all are built to support plant growth. This piece incorporates bonsai trees, MP3 players, sound equipment, water pumps, grow lights, timers, and steel. The trees are planted in speakers so the sound pulses up through them.

Woodward’s work focuses on our immediate environment and ecosystem. He doesn’t consider his sculptures “green” or ecofriendly, but a study of how society manipulates the environment to suit its needs. “It’s important to maintain a balance between our immediate environment and the world at large.”

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This article originally appeared in the September 2012 issue.

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