‘Day Dreamer’

Stephanie Cunningham and Betty Haight

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The “Duets” paintings can be seen in studio by appointment, 949-315-9569 or 949-274-0859, bettyhaight.com.

Cunningham and Haight met at a 1998 art workshop, first striking up a friendship and then a creative partnership. Their “Duets” series combines Cunningham’s landscapes and Haight’s figures; the resulting paintings have been shown at the Festival of Arts and in the 2009 Sandra Bullock movie “The Proposal.”

The artists work separately; only canvas sizes are discussed beforehand. When they each complete several paintings, they have a “date night” to pair up their canvases. Cunningham adds “story tags,” a few sentences about each duet, and her husband, John, makes frames from wood and paper the women select.

The images are drawn from the artists’ life experiences—Haight was an attorney and Cunningham an art teacher in their previous careers. Cunningham says the collaboration has enriched their individual work as they continue to “push and pull each other” into their future.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2011 issue.

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