‘Crystal Cove Cottage’

Artist: Christie Grimstad

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Grimstad is at Winter Fantasy, which takes place Nov. 19 through Dec. 11 at the Sawdust Art Festival, 949-494-3030, sawdustartfestival.org. 

Grimstad creates three-dimensional art from recycled materials, works in paint and pen-and-ink, and crafts “holiday angels” from old greeting cards. He uses the same ethos to make succulent arrangements and small landscapes. He also reviews opera and classical music, backpacks, swims, cycles, runs, and dances. 

“I usually walk the dog twice a day, and if I see something in the street, I’m not too proud to collect it.” As a result, Grimstad has 12 large boxes of ephemera to work with, including coffee cup holders, cotton swabs, and corks. Even the frames are recycled, courtesy of a dumpster-diving friend. 

All of Grimstad’s varied pursuits inform his work. Drawing inspiration from Romantic composers, museums, international travel, and the outdoors, his subjects include barns, architecture, and local landmarks. “I like creating a wide range of pieces that will appeal to different people in different ways.”

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This article originally appeared in the November 2011 issue.

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