What did we cook: Vernal equinox vegetable soup

So, what did we cook, on the weekend of the perigee-syzygy? Even though cloud cover obscured a complete view, we got the Supermoon idea.

For me, among other things like Sunday’s trad roast chicken (butterflied and wishbone-removed, but still, roasted), a big Meños Farms green leaf salad from the Newport Beach Farmers Market, and Cream Pan baguette, it was vegetable soup along the lines of the one I wrote about elsewhere, to be served later in the week.

Had a lot of wonderful veg to use in advance of reprovisioning—a happy situation. Broccoli, carrots, a few red potatoes, a handful of celery sticks, a nice big onion, some blanched turnip tops, and a couple of roasted beets that lent their characteristic magenta to the whole.


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