What Did We Cook: Texas Caviar

I don’t know that I cook black-eyed peas out of any New Year’s Day food superstition, exactly, yet… I keep doing it. Sometimes, it’s the classic, with the Cajun holy trinity of bell pepper, celery, and onion, plus a hock or chunked-up ham, served with rice and long-cooked greens (which are also a New Year’s talisman). But in recent years, Texas caviar has been my black-eyed pea good-luck delivery system. My version has cooked black-eyed peas mixed with diced tomato, scallions or purple onion, and as much minced jalapeño as you like. Cilantro is nice, too—I usually add it, though parsley is possible. Squeeze over lemon or lime, add salt and freshly-ground black pepper—leave it virtuously oil-free unless you think it could use a drizzle—and serve with excellent tortilla chips. So good it can’t help but be lucky, way beyond January 1st.

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