What Did We Cook: Tarte Tatin

In my kitchen, as Sunday farmers market reprovisioning loomed, the few Fuji apples kicking around in the fridge fruit bin gave their all to a tarte Tatin, the classic French caramelized dessert baked upside-down and inverted to serve. Warm from the oven, with ice cream made by my son, it was just the ticket, especially since apple desserts are my husband’s favorite. The Tatin and the topping were from David Lebovitz—the tart from “Ready for Dessert” (Ten Speed Press, 2010), the ice cream his faultless Philadelphia-style (no egg) vanilla from “The Perfect Scoop” (Ten Speed Press, 2007). Both recipes are available online: the tarte Tatin here and the ice cream here. I went old-school with a cast-iron pan, since I’m always looking for an excuse to use one of my Griswolds, but many, including Lebovitz himself, prefer easy-to-handle nonstick bakeware, making this simple tart simpler still.

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