What Did We Cook: Swiss Chard With Walnuts and Raisins

Sometimes, this is how it goes: I’ve made this dish two weekends in a row. Orange County farmers market stalwart OC Produce (owned by the brothers Kawamura, of whom A.G. is former state secretary of agriculture) has had irresistibly gorgeous chard. At home, blanching—the essential first step for any chard preparation—I mused on the fabulous California central coast walnuts and walnut oil from La Nogalera (available at the Saturday Old Towne Orange Farmers Market) I had in the fridge. By the time the chard was wilted the dish was composed, based on an Italian and Spanish classic: Swiss chard with walnuts and raisins. In a hot sauté pan, olive oil and half a cup each raisins and walnuts get tossed until the raisins plump. Add the blanched chard, salt and pepper, sauté a couple of minutes and then, off the heat, a drizzle of the aforementioned walnut oil. Finito!

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