What Did We Cook: Bake Sale Brownies

Did you take advantage of the perfect cooking weather this weekend? I did, and the cool temps were a real bonus, because I’d promised something for a bake sale and would have been in the kitchen baking regardless.

I made my usual brownies in mini cupcake liners, using a super-dark “black” cocoa from Corona del Mar’s Savory Spice Shop (about whom more tomorrow), with a nice, oversized Guittard milk chocolate chip in the middle of each. I’d lifted the mini idea from Le Pain Quotidien while there Saturday for a giant, round loaf of signature sourdough, and admiring the teensy versions of their excellent brownie tarts. (Read my recent post about O.C.’s first outpost of the respected Belgian bakery-café here.) The recipe I rely upon is King Arthur Flour’s Guaranteed Brownies—SO easy, so good, with a shiny, crackly top—whose dependable results almost belie their incredible ease.

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