‘Top Chef’: When 8 Remain, It Means Restaurant Wars!

O.C.’s Amar Santana finds himself among strong team members, but how will they fare in this most frazzling of ’Top Chef’ challenges?

Only eight cheftestants remain on tonight’s “Top Chef,” and they all know this means war—Restaurant Wars, in show parlance, where each of two teams conceive and bring to life a complete, functioning restaurant. It’s historically been one of the most fraught challenges in a “Top Chef” season, as the chefs must strive to hit the essential groove balancing front- and back-of-house responsibilities to present a smooth-running, cohesive whole.

O.C.’s Amar Santana lands among friends with whom he’s recently shared success, including just last week when he, Jeremy Ford, and Phillip “Man Bun” Frankland Lee came out on top in the Beefsteak elimination challenge. Kwame Onwuachi, who’s been up and down but mostly up in the series thus far, is their fourth team member, completing what looks like an exceptionally strong group. Though in this preview clip we get a glimpse of bacon-supply stress, among other marketing hiccups. Isn’t bacon supposed to soothe? And here, Padma makes a little—a very little—lighthearted joke about the mounting Restaurant Wars anticipation.

Note: Tonight’s ep is at 9 p.m. rather than the usual 10. You can catch up on my previous “Top Chef” updates here.


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