Tea in O.C.: Seventh Tea Bar Opens Today in The OC Mart Mix

Tea drinkers can never forget that they live in a coffee-drinking world. Now, however, the latest project from the fertile business minds of Portola Coffee Lab’s owners Christa and Jeff Duggan will ameliorate the situation somewhat. Their new Seventh Tea Bar opens today, joining its older comrade in caffeine in The OC Mart Mix, with a focus on fine, single-estate teas. Seventh’s tea leaves and preparation will benefit from the same type of exacting bean-to-barista standards that are applied to Portola’s coffee—a very refreshing idea indeed, considering the casual crimes against tea perpetrated daily almost everywhere. After a peek at the menu of inventive food expressly designed to accompany their favorite beverage, tea drinkers might find themselves getting used to such consideration.

Seventh Tea Bar, 3313 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa, 714-656-2690

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