Start Your Engines for Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

The wait’s over! Or will be, tomorrow at 7 a.m., when Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee finally opens the doors to its 17th Street storefront in Costa Mesa. At a media preview earlier this week, samples were offered and Stumptown coffee was poured in the beautifully designed space, where custom marble counters and glass surrounds direct attention where it belongs—on the doughnuts.

Don’t miss their maple-bacon ($3.50), strewn generously with chunks of famous Benton’s bacon from Tennessee, but truly, all the flavors are fab. A cinnamon-crumb cake doughnut ($2.50) replicates the streusel-topped coffee-cake experience in a neat round package: Genius! And of course, the Oregon huckleberry ($3.50) continues to wow everyone who tries it. On that Pacific Northwest note, I have to say, Portland’s Stumptown coffee was pretty delicious—when I wrote about Sidecar back in January, a commenter named H. Barca vouched for it being even better than the Blue Bottle I’d recently tried in San Francisco, and he may be right. I’ll have to test again—and again—to decide.

Sidecar opens at 7 a.m. weekdays, 8 on weekends, and stays open until the doughnuts are gone. Consider yourselves warned! Owner Chi-lin Pendergrast told me they’re considering evening doughnuts, too, come summer, which sounds sort of perfect.

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