Salgado and Samaniego, Together Again at Taco Maria—Temporarily

Food & Wine Best Chef Carlos Salgado taps Eric Samaniego as his first guest chef in a new series

Chef Eric Samaniego, after his surprising separation from downtown Santa Ana’s Little Sparrow, has surfaced in a different Orange County kitchen. Or maybe popped-up would be more accurate—on Tuesday, Aug. 25, he’ll be the first guest chef in a new series Carlos Salgado is inaugurating at Taco Maria in Costa Mesa.

For Samaniego and Salgado, cooking together is becoming something of a habit. The two were part of the Indie Chefs Week that took over Taco Maria last fall, and then they teamed again in April for a collaborative event dubbed Little Maria. For the event on the 25th at Taco Maria, there’ll be two seatings, $80 per person with an optional $40 wine-pairing supplement. Click here for reservation information.

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