Road Less Traveled―New Old Santa Ana Digs

I’ll miss seeing the Road Less Traveled’s sandwich-board sign on Santa Ana’s Main Street, but the sustainable-living-and-beyond shop’s move to the city’s Grand Central Art Center is something to celebrate. Saturday, owner Delilah Snell commemorated both her store’s relocation and its sixth year in business. Next door to the Gypsy Den, the very cool space is shared with natural-family-goods retailer Belly Sprout.

It’s been a momentous spring for Snell, fresh off the first Craftcation conference, rolling right into this year’s Patchwork Indie Arts & Craft Festival, both of which she co-founded. New classes include tons of food-related, like Canning 101 (Snell’s a Master Food Preserver), Charcuterie 101, and DIY Bar Basics. (Click here for the complete list.) I was taken by the fermenting jars in the front window—little bubbles coursing through vaporlocks on their lids. Possibilities!

The Road Less Traveled, 125 N. Broadway, #C, Santa Ana, 714-836-8727

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