Post-holiday brief—strawb froz yog and a peach tart

Did you cook anything special over the 4th of July holiday?

I put together David Lebovitz’ Strawberry Frozen Yogurt—indeed special, but already for a few years a household staple for me. Then there was this brown-sugar white-peach tart, the result of a happy confluence of rapidly-over-ripening farmers market peaches on the counter and a disc of tart dough in the freezer. (Do you, like me, double tart dough and freeze half? It’s a freezer treasure.) Since Comfort Me with Apples (Random House, 2001), I’d been intrigued by the apricot pie Ruth Reichl recently renamed World’s Easiest on her blog. Mine was peach not apricot, and was a tart not a pie, but wowee, none the worse for so being. What I thought was quite a lot of sugar in the unusual melted-butter streusel topping turned out a tart that was not in the least oversweet, and the flour neatly thickened escaping juice.

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