Pandor’s New Dessert Is The Bomb—Literally

Sharing is optional with the cream-filled meringue fantasy coming to the Anaheim pâtisserie

It’s the bomb—the meringue bomb, coming next week to Pandor Bakery inside the Anaheim Packing House. An inspiration of Pandor co-owner and head of pastry Tiffany Sepetjian, the bomb is a decorated, lightly crisp meringue dome filled with luscious, vanilla-flavored Chantilly whipped cream and various garnishes, including classic chocolate. The $5 treat is eminently shareable, though once cracked open, its lightness might make a single serving for some, despite the generous size. (It’s also gluten-free.)

You can find meringue bombs at the Anaheim café starting Monday, Sept. 7 and at Pandor’s Newport Beach and Belmont Shore locations soon. The Packing House Pandor just instituted all-day breakfast, too, making its French petit déjeuner favorites available from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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