O.C. Restaurants: New Bruxie in RSM—World Conquest is Right on Track

Who would have guessed a waffle sandwich place would be one of Orange County’s biggest restaurant success stories? Maybe Dean Simon and Kelly Mullarney, owners of Bruxie. Their new Rancho Santa Margarita outpost opened Tuesday to throngs. Judging from the excitement generated by the tiny Orange original, the downtown Brea second sibling, and now this third shop, I can’t shake the strong suspicion this is just the beginning for Bruxie—today, O.C.; tomorrow, THE WORLD.

What’s not to like about a crispy, fresh, yeasted waffle folded around hearty savory, or indulgently sweet fillings made of super high-quality ingredients? Rhetorical question! The bottom line: “the bold fold” combinations are nothing short of delicious. Check out the Bruxie website for menus at all three locations, including specials unique to each.

You’ll find Peet’s coffee, and all-cane-sugar sodas made with syrups from a company in Orange, some of which change seasonally (currently strawberry and black cherry—the latter exclusive to the new RSM location). I tried a cream soda—superultravanilla.

Simon and Mullarney, veterans of the world of fine dining, have put some thought into all this, while answering one of my Eternal Questions: Why shouldn’t casual, hand-held food be made with care, from great ingredients? The bit of wit and style they add is the proverbial icing on the cake.

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