OC Mag staff faves: Desserts in print, desserts online… you’d think it was the HOLIDAYS or something

After taking in December’s print cover story “Ultimate Dessert!,” and in keeping with my general more-is-more philosophy and habitual nosiness, I asked what desserts Orange Coast staffers make for friends and family. (You can buy a digital copy of the December issue here.)

Unsurprisingly, some good stuff came back. Delicious-sounding dessert recipes, many and varied, vetted by actual cooks moonlighting as journalists, editors, and art directors, is what I’m talking about.

I’ll post them individually over the next week or two. I hope you’ll find the opportunity to try one or more—you just might find something that sweetly insinuates itself into your own dessert repertoire.

From Senior Editor Chris Christensen: Was the just-right pumpkin pie willed into existence?

From Senior Editor Anne Valdespino: Buñuelos lesson, yes—but also The Lessons of Buñuelos

From Art Director Mindy Benham: That backyard lime tree—serendipity, or evidence of a Larger Plan?

From Contributing Editor Cynthia Furey: Brown sugar delivery system

From Editor in Chief Martin J. Smith: Pedigreed pecan pralines

From me, your lowly Food Blogger, Double depth-charged gingersnaps

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