O.C. Fair Special: Pink’s Hot Dogs

My favorite part of the OC Fair is the collections. This year, I’d say the don’t-miss is a fascinating grouping of moist hand wipes (!) from all sorts of restaurants, and, curiously, non-food businesses. I mean, Shell Oil?  The Steiff kitty collection also impressed, not least because it included a little Steiff I had as a child (still have, somewhere), in sort of otherworldly mint condition. But: What’s to eat? I finally tried the famous Australian Battered Potatoes, by far the most-mentioned fair food. Really good! Fresh, super crisp, satisfyingly savory. Take my advice, though—get your dressing of choice on the side. In the end, we couldn’t resist repairing to a known quantity, Pink’s. We’re lucky this Hollywood hot dog institution comes to the fair—Pink’s snappy, natural-casing dog, custom-made for them by Hoffy, never disappoints. (Pink’s has a permanent O.C. presence at Knott’s Berry Farm.)

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