New Old Shrimp With Feta

An impending visit from an old friend brought to mind an old favorite dish, shrimp with tomato sauce and feta cheese. I’ve often served it to first-time guests, as well. A classic Greek dish with as many variations as its simple ingredients might suggest, my starting point years ago was “Craig Claiborne’s Favorites, Volume 3” (Times Books, 1977), part of a great series compiling columns of the former New York Times’ food editor.

It’s one of those no-recipe recipes: Pour a light tomato sauce (I used marjoram in mine this time) over shrimp first tossed briefly in a hot pan with olive oil, either in a large shallow casserole or individual minis. Crumble feta over all (I always buy Bulgarian, at the Persian market) and sprinkle with an anise liqueur like ouzo or Pernod. Then, into a hot oven until everything’s bubbling and the cheese begins to brown. Salad and a copious amount of rustic bread are the only accompaniments needed for what will almost certainly become a new old favorite for you, too.

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