Market Special: Pacific Stone Crab

When it comes to crab, West Coasters are justifiably, maybe even a little insufferably, proud of our Dungeness. Is there a better crab? No, is the short answer. Which doesn’t mean others can’t be very good—recently I tried one new to me that inhabits the same Mexico-to-Alaska range. It was Pacific stone or red rock crab, harvested year-round in Baja California. (Dungeness is available frozen all year; fresh during fall-to-spring harvest.) The pre-picked crab meat is $32.99 a pound at Santa Monica Seafood, and was just the ticket to assuage Louie salad cravings (at a non-Dungeness price point.) Pacific stone crab is also available online from Catalina Offshore, and sometimes at Newport Pier’s Dory Fleet.

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