Mama’s on 39, Treating a New Generation to the Nickel Thrifty Scoop

The Huntington Beach restaurant is rolling back the price of iconic Thrifty ice cream to celebrate its fifth anniversary

When I was a child, a cylindrical scoop of Thrifty ice cream cost a nickel. Rainbow sherbet or pineapple-coconut—the flavors I still oscillate between today. Maybe you’re a double chocolate malted crunch partisan.

Whatever your flavor, Wednesday, May 11, as Mama’s on 39 celebrates its fifth anniversary, the 5-cent tariff is back. The Huntington Beach comfort-food destination will sell scoops of the genuine Thrifty ice cream it uses in sundaes and shakes for just a nickel, all day long. Owner Pete Truxaw is happy that Mama’s has become part of the community since its 2011 founding. “We are so grateful for all of the support we have received,” Truxaw says—support that’s a two-way street. Over its five years in business, Mama’s has donated more than $75,000 to local charities and schools, a tradition it plans to continue for “years to come.” That’s a whole lotta ice cream.


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