Lunch Special: Kumamoto Oysters at Hamamori

Is there anything more restorative than icy, briny, fresh oysters? The perfect pick-me-up during a post-Christmas South Coast Plaza foray, deep-shelled little Kumamotos are served with a polish and panache that reminds you you’re in Hamamori, the most ambitious of James Hamamori’s four O.C. restaurants. (Irvine has a Wasa Sushi bar and Izakaya Wasa; a second Wasa Sushi’s in Newport Beach.) At $12 for six and $24 a full dozen, the price is what you might expect at a shuck-your-own shack, where I guarantee you will not find frilly, unusual seaweed garnishes, not to mention a very moreish yuzu-jalapeño vinaigrette. Sit and slurp a moment; contemplate South Coast Metro whizzing by outside the wall of windows. Then, once more unto the breach. Or maybe, instead… another dozen.

Hamamori at the Plaza, 3333 Bear St., Costa Mesa, 714-850-0880


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