For our edification and envy: Chef Deborah Schneider’s 1000 Tacos in Mexico City

Hope you read 1000 Tacos, the fabulous blog of Sol Cocina’s Chef Deborah Schneider. Last month she demystified the classic Baja fish taco for home use—I know I’ll be consulting her detailed instructions for future Taco Fridays.

Especially good reading recently, when she’s traveled to Mexico City. Her report of what’s what at the mercados of the capital is absolutely riveting.  Great writing as usual (such a pleasure to read a chef who can really write) and also fantastic photos.

Insects, Billygoats, & the 100-Year-Old Virgin

Xochimilco Market

(Schneider moderated Diana Kennedy’s appearance at the Museum of Latin American Art late last year, you might remember.)



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