Extreme Cheese at Foodbeast’s Ooze Fest

Not far from the Foodbeast downtown Santa Ana HQ, grilled cheese will reach for the sky and local restaurants strive to be cheesiest

How does Foodbeast, the local bigfoot of food, commemorate National Cheese Month? In a typically over-the-top way, of course. Foodbeast Events is presenting Ooze Fest on Saturday, Oct. 10 in its downtown Santa Ana hometown, where among many other cheesy delights there’ll be an attempt at making the world’s tallest grilled cheese sandwich stack. This video gives you an idea of the scale.

And cheesiness at Ooze Fest isn’t only a spectator sport—tickets include unlimited food and drink, with custom bites from local restaurants and suds from craft breweries. Take a look at the food-and-beer roster—if these offerings are any indication, when Foodbeast asks a restaurant to create something Foodbeast-y to serve at its first-ever extreme cheesefest, the sky’s the limit. Not unlike that aforementioned grilled cheese tower. Foodbeast co-founder Geoff Kutnick says, “We feel like we’re able to create a platform for restaurants to be creative while also exposing themselves in a new way to a different audience. This offers us the ability to serve exclusive, one-of-a-kind creations while also pushing our national reach to these local brands.”

There are two Ooze Fest sessions, afternoon and evening, and tickets are $50 and $75—the latter is VIP, and includes a glass, t-shirt, and expanded hours of entrance. Read all the details and purchase tickets here.


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