Elect Your Favorite Menu at Anaheim White House

No matter the partisan split in your dining group, Anaheim White House chef-owner Bruno Serato has you covered this election day. Serato, a proud Italian immigrant American citizen himself, well-known for feeding needy children through his Caterina’s Club charity, has created special Democratic and Republican menus, offered through Tuesday evening.

While live television will provide real-time election results at the restaurant on Tuesday, an informal tally of orders of Serato’s two cartes, each $75 per person, will also be kept. The Democratic menu: appetizer of tempura artichoke with burrata and pesto; spring lettuce salad with marinated beets, fennel, and cherry tomatoes, mustard dressing; entrée choice of braised short ribs over polenta, or cioppino over cappelini; traditional crepes Suzette for dessert. On the Republican side: Portobello ravioli with spinach to start; Boston lettuce salad with fresh fruit relish and raspberry vinaigrette; entrée choice of steamed branzino with lemon and olive oil over couscous, or hanger steak with Chianti and game infusion; powdered-sugar-dusted beignet for dessert. Nice lagniappe for either side of the aisle: A complimentary bottle of Champagne is included, to celebrate or assuage, depending.

Of course, there’s nothing to keep Democrats who prefer branzino from ordering the Republican menu, or Republicans who crave cioppino from getting the menu featuring the classic fish stew. The dinner vote’s just for fun. But before dinner, don’t forget to vote for real. And everybody gets Champagne, regardless.






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