Class is in Session at Savory Spice Shop in Corona del Mar

It was a good thing I went to the Savory Spice Shop cooking class in Corona del Mar last week. I got my usual Tellicherry peppercorns, in conventional plus new organic—but I also needed natural cocoa. I keep Dutch-process in my pantry, but remembering Savory carries several varieties of cocoa bailed me out in the best possible way—it’s a pleasure to provision where you can trust everything is super-high quality. (I also tried the shop’s new Santa Maria sea salt barbecue rub on tri-tip; more on that in a later post, but I will say this much: really good.)

Shop manager Susan Carter (owner Laura Shute’s sister) taught the class, with an approachable, innovative menu of highly original recipes grouped under Global Trekking, which pretty much describes the world of Savory Spice. Carter ran Always the Bridesmaid catering in Laguna Beach for years, with a partner who did wedding cakes. She has a relaxed ease of presentation possibly the result of her training as a stage actress—keeping up casual, informative conversation with 10 students, answering questions while prepping and cooking. There’s def something to cooking right in the middle of such great ingredients, too—so much to talk about, and so inspiring.

There are classes every month at the store, taught by Carter as well as guest chefs, and more at Sur le Table across the parking lot in the same shopping center. You can see the list of upcoming classes here. Keep up with what’s on the docket by signing up for the the Savory Spice newsletter, which you can do here. And don’t forget about Savory Spice’s little sibling, Savory Spice Stop at The OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa.

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