All-Breakfast, All-the-Time Snooze Comes to Tustin

Breakfast any time—a no-brainer, right? Isn’t it strange it took McDonald’s so long to realize it had been leaving (a lot of) money on the table limiting access to favorite breakfast items? The company corrected (as did its profits), but a feeling of not caring or at least not understanding the customer lingers.

The founders of Snooze labored under no such disconnect, and Orange County benefits, now that they’ve brought their all-breakfast, all-the-time concept to Tustin. The chain started in Denver in 2006, and the first California Snoozes are in San Diego. If happy throngs on a recent, random Wednesday morning at the Tustin restaurant are any indication, I predict more O.C. locations, and soon.

Snooze’s menu ranges from eggs-any-style through a raft of variations on Benedict—so many that it’s possible, even encouraged, to do a Benny Duo, one each of two types. A Caprese Benedict, say, with heirloom tomato, pesto, and fresh mozz, and a Benny Goodman, with lox and cream cheese—each has a poached egg and special hollandaise, sun-dried tomato for the Benny Goodman, for example. There are also pancakes: plain, fruity, or sweet, and breakfast sandwiches on pretzel or ciabatta rolls. Something you don’t see in every closes-at-2:30 p.m. joint: A full bar, of course with a strong emphasis on brunch-worthy cocktails. The Tustin restaurant has a cheerful, neo-Googie interior that’s especially well done, high-ceilinged and comfortable, and there’s an attached patio.

A nice lagniappe: Snooze’s menu proudly provides the provenance of many ingredients used, like its local cage-free eggs. And the hot sauce on the table? One of the many made by O.C.’s own Infinity Sauces.


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