Bon App! Patricia Wells’ ‘Food Lover’s Guide to Paris’ Goes Digital

Whether you’re in the enviable situation of planning a summer trip to Paris, or if merely thinking of the City of Light takes you to a Happy Place, Patricia Wells’ new “Food Lover’s Guide to Paris” app ($4.99 in the iTunes store) is a major dream come true. Fans of her groundbreaking 1984 book of the same name will appreciate this digital distillation of Wells’ typically thorough, authoritative recommendations. How convenient that it’s completely searchable and mappable (with GPS, even), from the discreet privacy of a personal communication device. Also cool: This is Wells’ first update since the book’s 1999 fourth edition. (There’s another slated for 2014.) I keep my well-used 1984 copy on the shelf, for its recipes and as an aide-mémoire—and I know I’ll feel the same about this app.

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