Blackmarket Bakery Comes to The Camp in Costa Mesa

In a move that seems so ideal it might have been supernaturally preordained, Irvine’s Blackmarket Bakery, whose quirkiness and quality mirrors the personality and talent of chef-owner Rachel Klemek, opens a second location next week at The Camp in Costa Mesa. In the wee small hours of Wednesday, Jan. 2, the glass-walled pastry kitchen will shift into high gear for its 6:30 a.m. opening, turning out savories and sweets in the signature style Klemek calls retro-tisanal, invoking the idea of old-fashioned, home baking—if the home in question was that of a classically trained pastry chef. There’ll be lots of new breads, emerging from the massive oven funded by Klemek’s highly successful Kickstarter campaign. Don’t expect crusty baguettes and sturdy peasant loaves, but more like something for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich—which the new Blackmarket will also happily offer.

Blackmarket Bakery, 2937 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, 714-662-3095

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