And yet more, on soup: Hiding in chain sight

January rolls on, and so does the soup jag. (Read what Gretchen Kurz, the mag’s restaurant critic, recommended to ToOC on the topic.)

Orange Coast Senior Editor Chris Christensen hesitated before deciding to confess her favorite soup in Orange County. I guess I understand her slight reluctance, but truly, everyone stands to benefit from the detailed bit of El Torito Grill Fashion Island intel she shares:

“I crave their chicken tortilla soup. I love it for its straightforward, clean style and taste. I love that the broth is not all tomato-ed up but is chicken broth with the occasional bits of tomato floating about…I love the small, clean dice of the zucchini and carrot, and that the sides to sprinkle on top add just the right flavor boost and crunch.

I’ve not found a restaurant chicken tortilla soup that’s as good in my book…”

Nothing, not a thing, wrong with that. Not that I had any previous prob with ETG. But definitely one to tuck away in a back pocket to pull out on a rainy day—even a metaphorical rainy day. Not to mention the metaphorical back pocket.




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