The Geronsins Real Estate Group

The Geronsins are a family team that runs an executive boutique style business with the support of a prestigious corporate backing.

Kelly Perkins – Villa Real Estate

There is an exceptional reason Kelly Perkins is known as the “HEARTest” working real estate agent along California’s Golden Coast...

Albert Soto – First Team/Soto & Company

Approachable, trustworthy, and accomplished, Albert Soto has been in the real estate industry for 13 years.

Hailey Potok

Building on 15-plus years of Fortune 500 marketing and sales experience, Hailey Potok and team bring to the table a fresh new perspective.

Surterre Peoperties

Congratulations Surterre Properties 2019 All-Stars!

Claudia Chyang & Kaylyn Zhu – International Home Realty

Claudia Chyang and Kaylyn Zhu are on your team when it comes to the challenges of working with international buyers and sellers.

Kathleen Monroe – Broker

The time and care she takes with each client is legendary.

Kristen Fowler – Kristin Fowler Group/First Team Real Estate

The Fowler family puts the real in real estate.


Redfin has more agents ranked in the top 2% than any other office in Orange County.