‘Top Chef’ Week 11 Recap—Final Four in Sight

Orange County fans came to this week’s “Top Chef” in high spirits, after Shirley Chung’s well-deserved win on the previous outing. It was a critical win as well,

‘Top Chef’ Week 10 Recap—Double Elimination Surprise

It was all hands on deck last night on “Top Chef,” when the six remaining cheftestants were sent out with the crew of a shrimp boat, fishing for the famous...

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With just seven cheftestants remaining, the competition on “Top Chef” should be intensifying. Or so we’d be forgiven for thinking.

‘Top Chef’ Week 8 Recap—Back to Restaurant Wars for Shirley Chung

Coming off her win on last week’s “Top Chef,” chef Shirley Chung of Twenty Eight in Irvine started from a position of strength on last night’s episode.

‘Top Chef’ Week 7 Recap—Breakout Time for Chef Shirley Chung?

What’s the opposite of burying the lede? Here you go. Chef Shirley Chung of Irvine’s Twenty Eight won the elimination challenge on last night’s “Top Chef.”

‘Top Chef’ Week 6 Recap—Shirley Chung’s Southern Strategy

As “Top Chef” season 14 rolls on, chef Shirley Chung of Irvine’s Twenty Eight has been cooking very well. No surprise there—we know she has mad skills.

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S.D.’s Puesto Coming to O.C.

Irvine has new tacos to look forward to next month—and not just any tacos. Puesto is slated to open its third location, in the Los Olivos Marketplace in January.

‘Top Chef’ Week 3 Recap—O.C.’s Shirley Chung Abides

Finally, on last night’s “Top Chef” episode 3, the separation of rookie and returnee teams was over, and it felt like competition really began.