Global: Indian Tandoori

There’s something about a barbecue that sets aflame a communal hunger for blackened protein  pulled from a crackling fire. But you don’t need a...

Global Diner: Pozole

Every bowl of pozole is full of elemental pleasures: swollen kernels of hominy and hunks of fatty pork bobbing in rich, porky broth. A homey Mexican favorite, its origins trace to pre-Columbian traditions that have been refined, reimagined, and reborn over centuries.

The Global Diner: Fish Tacos

Try to imagine the quintessential fish taco and there’s a good chance you’ll immediately dream of Baja. The two are intimately connected, but the fish taco is one of the fundamental foods of all of coastal Mexico, as beloved by sun-bleached surfers as they are by those who grew up on Sinaloa’s shores.

Pambazo: Where to get the Mexican Street Food Staple Here in O.C.

Good pambazo is often an inelegant affair: a sturdy roll split in two, stuffed with crumbled chorizo and nubs of potato, dunked into smoky...

Bun Bo Hue: The Vietnamese Soup with Spice, Noodles, and Plenty of Protein to...

Steaming bowls of bun bo Hue hail from the city of Hue in central Vietnam, and is affectionately rustic with rice noodles and lemongrass scented broth.

Tagine: Fight off winter’s chill with this spicy stew

Tagine is the signature dish of North African cuisine. The name refers to both the cooking vessel—a wide clay bowl with a tall conical lid that captures steam,...

Soba Noodles—You’ll Find Plenty to Love About This Japanese Comfort Food

There’s elegance in a bowl of soba noodles, so simple, grounded, humble. You can trace that feeling to soba’s profound transformation from rustic and...

Global Diner: Paella

Confined mostly to tapas-inspired bites and dishes beset by a fusion of Iberian flavors, Spanish cuisine is rare in Orange County. So it’s no wonder that finding a good paella—rice stained a glorious saffron, seafood plump with its own briny juices—can be so difficult. Luckily, local diners aren’t limited to traditional paella. Consider one of the dish’s many Spanish-speaking variations.

Shwarma and Some of the Best Places to Get it in O.C.

There’s something mesmerizing about shawarma: meat stacked on a spit and spun ever so slowly as it bastes in cascades of fat and juice.

Middle East Sweets

After a falafel platter, kebab plate, or rich Persian stew, traditional Middle Eastern pastries are the perfect indulgence. Miles Clements has suggestions for savory or sweet baklava and beyond, Turkish to Persian-style European delights.