Broken Rice: A Vietnamese staple makes for hearty fare

Broken rice is exactly what it sounds like: rice grains that have broken into stubby little fragments during the threshing process.

Global: Sushi Hand Rolls

In the obsessive, sometimes fanatical world of sushi, it’s easy to overlook hand rolls: rustic, simple, even portable, they lack theelegance of sashimi or...

Global Diner: Tlayudas – Pizza, Oaxacan-Style

Tlayudas consist of ribbons of Oaxacan cheese, fatty beans, avocado slices, tomato, and a variety of meats splayed over an ultra-thin, party-size tortilla.

Global Diner: Colombian Stews

Colombian cuisine is slowly conquering Orange County one griddled arepa at a time. Take even a single bite of Colombia’s hearty, tropical cooking and it’s easy to understand why. It’s an intriguing lattice of both familiar and unfamiliar flavors, dishes that somehow feel elaborate and homey. And there are few better introductions to the South American cuisine than its many humble, flavorful stews.

Italian Subs

They go by a slew of names—subs, hoagies, grinders, heros—but these classic Italian sandwiches are beloved no matter what you call them. Some fans prefer them sloppily overflowing with meatballs and tomato sauce; others search out neat stacks of fine imported salamis and cheeses. True, they were born on the East Coast, but the ones we return to in Orange County can hold their own. Here are the markets and delis that serve the best.

Middle East Sweets

After a falafel platter, kebab plate, or rich Persian stew, traditional Middle Eastern pastries are the perfect indulgence. Miles Clements has suggestions for savory or sweet baklava and beyond, Turkish to Persian-style European delights.

Shwarma and Some of the Best Places to Get it in O.C.

There’s something mesmerizing about shawarma: meat stacked on a spit and spun ever so slowly as it bastes in cascades of fat and juice.

The Global Diner: Fish Tacos

Try to imagine the quintessential fish taco and there’s a good chance you’ll immediately dream of Baja. The two are intimately connected, but the fish taco is one of the fundamental foods of all of coastal Mexico, as beloved by sun-bleached surfers as they are by those who grew up on Sinaloa’s shores.


Apiquant Thai salad can be crowned with a mound of seared steak, green papaya, or barbecued shrimp. All are delicious. But branch out and go for larb, a simple salad of minced meat and roasted ground rice combined with fresh herbs, a scattering of vegetables, and the Thai trinity of fish sauce, lime juice, and chilies. This dish, which crept across the border from Laos, is one by which you can measure any northern Thai restaurant.
vietnamese noodle salad

Vietnamese Noodle Salad: It’s light and cool, and oh so satisfying

Few dishes are better suited to summer than the surprisingly stout Vietnamese noodle salad. A tangle of cool, rice vermicelli (called bún), is the base for an unending list of toppings.