Italian Asparagus-spiked Risotto From an Irishman

The smell alone of the asparagus risotto is seductive, as the starchy scent of rice melds with broth and cheese.

Celebration-worthy Coconut Cake

The classic coconut cake stands out as one of my favorites from the timeless book, “The Silver Palate Cookbook.”

Cathy Thomas Makes a Parisian Apple Lady Cake

The cake is like a crustless pie, with only enough eggy batter to hold the tart-sweet apple wedges together.

Salmon with Chanterelle’s Ginger-Green Onion Sauce

"The sauce is scrumptious, a blend of sweet-sour-spicy Asian flavors dotted with crisp strips of red bell peppers, shiitake mushrooms, and onions."

Cream of Watercress Soup: Memories of Julia Child and Her First Cookbook

Cathy Thomas makes one of her favorite recipes from Julia Child's early book, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking", her version of watercress soup,

A Lunch With Daniel Boulud Inspires Cathy Thomas to Make His Grandmother’s Chicken Fricassee.

Cathy Thomas recalls a long-ago lunch with Celebrity Chef Daniel Boulud and his grandmother’s irresistible chicken fricassee. See how she makes it.

Cathy Thomas Shows Us How to Easily Prepare Gravlax

Cathy Thomas shows how to easily prepare gravlax, cured salmon that’s delicious in appetizers, green salads, sandwiches, pasta, or warm potato salads.

Cathy Thomas’ Irresistible Goat Cheese Spiked Asparagus Lasagna

Cathy Thomas shows how to prepare one of her favorite recipes, Asparagus Lasagna spiked with a luscious goat cheese-based sauce.

How to Make Cathy Thomas’ Decadent Chocolate Candy Box Cake

As the global pandemic looms, Cathy takes center stage cooking alone with the camera rolling, sharing some of her favorite recipes—until safer times prevail.

Watch Chef Amar Santana Prepare an Eggless BĂ©arnaise Sauce

Celebrity chef Amar Santana prepares an eggless Béarnaise Sauce to accompany perfectly seared scallops in Cathy Thomas’ kitchen.