SideDoor Does Mardi Gras With Gunwhale and Crawfish

A good crawfish boil is all about the party, where the beady-eyed crawfish are joined by a team of red potatoes, corn on the cob, onion, and spicy andouille sausage.

Clear Advantage: Milk-Washed Cocktails at Farmhouse

A filter of milk curds strips away astringency and bitterness.

Unexpected Item: Portobello Mushroom Tower at Summit House

For decades, people have gone to Summit House for prime rib and Prime steak.

There Are Perfectly Good Lunch Cocktails at Bello by Sandro Nardone

Bello isn't your stereotypical Italian restaurant.

Counter Cultures: Churros and Classic Asian Dishes Under One Roof

Pho, pad thai, kimchi rice, and … churros!

Crossover Fizz: Cocktail-Inspired Beers at The Bruery

This brew comes in at 11.2 percent alcohol.

This Brewery’s Burger is Nothing to Squawk At

Green Cheek came in with a set of plans so solid that it was ready to open within three weeks, kitchen and all.

Duck is the Star in This Luxurious Sandwich at Popular Burger Spot

The long lines are for burgers, naturally, but we’re there again for the PaTo LoCo.

At Social, Almost Everything in it Makes This Mary Green

What makes it green? Almost everything: cucumber juice, tomatillo juice, celery juice, chive, garlic, and some other ingredients.

Bites: Prime Steak with a View, and a Cocktail as Pretty as a Flower

Orange Hill and Watertable have unexpected offerings worth trying.