O.C.’s Best: Southern-Inspired BBQ

Blessed with great weather year round, O.C. always has been a hot spot for outdoor grilling. And barbecue defined by slow-and-low smoking has been brought to the culinary forefront, as evidenced by Franklin Barbeque of Austin, Texas, recently winning a James Beard Award. So this weekend, put down the burger flipper and head to one of these six local restaurants doing justice to the Southern tradition.

Skunk Explained! Why Beer Gets That Inevitable Off-Flavor Under the Sun

You may notice a familiar flavor and aroma as you approach the end of your pint when drinking in the sun.

Love it or Hate It – At Least Drink Tasty Bubbles on Feb. 14

Whether you are pie-eyed in love, a few decades married, or deplore this holiday, we all agree Saint Valentine’s Day is made for sparkling wine.

Main Course: 4th Street Market

After years of development, public announcements, and panting media hype, downtown Santa Ana’s 4th Street Market is finally open for business. Allowing some grace...

Green Chartreuse, Best Liqueur Ever?

One of the most incredible experiences about deep-diving into specialty cocktail ingredients is discovering something that has stood the test of time,...

5 Essential Cocktails Every Home Bartender Must Know

With all this rain, I have been anything but in the mood to venture outside in search of cocktails. This got me to thinking about what I could make at home, which in turn brought me to the idea to write a post on five essential cocktails that every home bartender should have in their repertoire. I’m sure you’ll recognize the names of these cocktails, but whether or not you know how to whip one up on a whim may be another story. Well, here’s your go-to-guide of tried and true classics that are perfect for any spur-of-the-moment cocktail parties, or taking the edge off of the work week in style.

The Pioneers of the Food Hall Craze

These O.C. frontrunners, each with its own audience and lively groove, paved the way for our insatiable hunger for food halls.The Lab/The Camp By now...

Glögg Glögg Glögg, and Other Don’t-Miss Brew Ho Ho Beers

Confession: the first time I ever got drunk was from a beverage my Swedish stepmom made on Christmas Eve called Glögg. Brimming with warmth,...

O.C.’s Best: Vegan Breakfasts

Veg-heads don’t just mow down bowls of granola and slam wheatgrass shots at the break of dawn. Most want to enjoy brunching on Sunday-Funday with everyone else. And because it can be hard to find tofu scrambles and dairy-free waffles, we’ve rounded up five local eateries that provide tasty vegan options to start the morning right.