Editor’s Letter: October 2016

We're introducing a new focus on health and wellness with the new health column from Roy Wallack which takes a look at the first steps one couple made toward getting healthy.

Editor’s Letter: September 2016

I was born and raised in Denver. And while it wasn’t nearly the hip and vibrant city it is now, it was still a great place to grow up.

Editor’s Letter: August 2016

"Welcome to a new era at Orange Coast. Every day here is a treat for me, working with fabulous people to make you delight in this magazine." Alan Gibbons

Editor’s Letter: What Will Your Kids Remember?

With this month’s cover story in mind, I asked our kids, now 27 and 23, to recount their fondest childhood memories. Their answers caught me off guard.
Alan Gibbons Editor

Welcoming My Replacement!

A special Q&A with Orange Coast magazine's new Editor, Alan Gibbons

Editor’s Note: A Minority Report

Since my name appears atop Orange Coast’s editorial masthead, and since my signature and some odd variation of my face runs each month with...

Editor’s Letter: 10 Quintessential Orange County Books

An Orange Coast staffer once snickered when I opined that “books drive culture.”She’s younger than I am—who isn’t?—so I wasn’t particularly surprised by the...

Editor’s Letter: O.C.’s Last War

The first time the United States went to war in Iraq, in 1991, I was a reporter at The Orange County Register. Because there...

Editor’s Letter: Why I drink cantaloupe martinis

In a social setting surrounded by peers, I’m a manly, bourbon-sipping kind of guy. But in secret, when I’m anonymous in a dark bar, I’m not opposed to ordering something far less hairy-chested.The Cantaloupe Martini is my drink of choice at Starfish in Laguna Beach. When the server places it in front of me, my wife invariably looks around to see who might be snickering, as if I’ve just ordered a stem glass full of estrogen. But I can’t help myself.

Editor’s Letter: In Praise of Next Chapters

I try to make conscious choices about how I live. This involves small-scale daily decisions: broccoli instead of Big Macs, walking meetings instead of...