Editor’s Letter: Eight Great Places to Escape the Madding Crowd

Each time I visit Soka University, I ask the front-entrance security guard: “You’re sure it’s OK to just go in and roam around?” The...

Editor’s Letter: October 2016

We're introducing a new focus on health and wellness with the new health column from Roy Wallack which takes a look at the first steps one couple made toward getting healthy.

Letter From the Editor: A Great Diversion When Staying Home

It’s mind-blowing how much has changed in slightly more than two weeks.

Editor’s Note | December 2017

Sometimes it's nice to take a step back in time.

Mayberry vs. Orange County

All of us are shaped by childhood moments, good and bad, that eventually make us who we are. But when asked, most of us...

Editor’s Letter: Why Old Las Vegas is MIA

I once asked Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas, to give me a tour of the most historic parts of his adopted hometown. Who better...

Editor’s Note | June 2018

"I will spend every weekend this summer visiting the spots in our Best Beaches feature."

Our Editor’s Note for the July 2019 Best Of Issue

"Every July, we look forward to sharing the 'Best Of' everything in Orange County."

Editor’s Letter: August 2016

"Welcome to a new era at Orange Coast. Every day here is a treat for me, working with fabulous people to make you delight in this magazine." Alan Gibbons

Letter from the Editor: Strengthening Our Community in a Tough Time

We’re eager to hear your anecdotes and tips during this uncertain period.