Editor’s Letter: December 2016

One day about five years ago, my then 4-year-old daughter and I were enjoying some downtime in the backyard. She asked me to color a page in her princess...

Editor’s Letter: November 2016

A few years ago, we showed our not-quite-3-year-old son how to hold a taco, tilt his head, and take a bite—“Keep it over the plate!”

Editor’s Letter: October 2016

We're introducing a new focus on health and wellness with the new health column from Roy Wallack which takes a look at the first steps one couple made toward getting healthy.

Editor’s Letter: September 2016

I was born and raised in Denver. And while it wasn’t nearly the hip and vibrant city it is now, it was still a great place to grow up.

Editor’s Letter: August 2016

"Welcome to a new era at Orange Coast. Every day here is a treat for me, working with fabulous people to make you delight in this magazine." Alan Gibbons

Editor’s Letter: What Will Your Kids Remember?

With this month’s cover story in mind, I asked our kids, now 27 and 23, to recount their fondest childhood memories. Their answers caught me off guard.
Alan Gibbons Editor

Welcoming My Replacement!

A special Q&A with Orange Coast magazine's new Editor, Alan Gibbons

Editor’s Note: A Minority Report

Since my name appears atop Orange Coast’s editorial masthead, and since my signature and some odd variation of my face runs each month with...

Editor’s Letter: 10 Quintessential Orange County Books

An Orange Coast staffer once snickered when I opined that “books drive culture.” She’s younger than I am—who isn’t?—so I wasn’t particularly surprised by the...

Editor’s Letter: O.C.’s Last War

The first time the United States went to war in Iraq, in 1991, I was a reporter at The Orange County Register. Because there...