Letter From the Editor: A Great Diversion When Staying Home

It’s mind-blowing how much has changed in slightly more than two weeks.

Editor’s Letter: March 2017

Mine is a camping family. A decade ago, I was most definitely not a camper. “Is there a place to plug in my blow-dryer?” I’d quip when anyone dared invite...

Editor’s Letter: Handmade in O.C.

I greet Gary Mathis of Gary’s Custom Saddlery in Fullerton, and my hand disappears into his like a car entering a tunnel. His grip is as epic as his handlebar mustache. Still, I watched those same hands move like hummingbirds around the various workbench projects in his garage, where for decades he has handcrafted custom saddles, exotic-leather belts, and the kind of elaborate silver buckles prized by Texas ranchers and country music legends.

Editor’s Note | January 2019

"Here’s to harnessing the Disney spirit and starting 2019 full of joy, optimism, and fondness for all of O.C.’s treasures."

Mayberry vs. Orange County

All of us are shaped by childhood moments, good and bad, that eventually make us who we are. But when asked, most of us...

Editor’s Letter: Work It! in Our September Issue

My father toiled 43 years for U.S. Steel, back when many of this country’s biggest corporations had a now-unthinkable compact with workers: employee fealty...

Editor’s Letter: December 2016

One day about five years ago, my then 4-year-old daughter and I were enjoying some downtime in the backyard. She asked me to color a page in her princess...

Editor’s Letter: Why I drink cantaloupe martinis

In a social setting surrounded by peers, I’m a manly, bourbon-sipping kind of guy. But in secret, when I’m anonymous in a dark bar, I’m not opposed to ordering something far less hairy-chested. The Cantaloupe Martini is my drink of choice at Starfish in Laguna Beach. When the server places it in front of me, my wife invariably looks around to see who might be snickering, as if I’ve just ordered a stem glass full of estrogen. But I can’t help myself.

Editor’s Note | March 2018

Dig into our feature about hikes and pick one to try, no matter your experience level. We promise there’s one that’s perfect for you.

Letter From the Editor: Spend Some Time in Nature During This Health Crisis

Some of the things we’ve covered recently that might help manage stress and not be dangerous for you or your family.